The Deutsche Verein vom Heiligen Lande (DVHL) [German for: German Association of the Holy Land] has been supporting people in the Middle East for over 150 years – always committed to an interreligious dialogue and a policy of peace. We have been present in the region with our experience and our expertise in a very unique way. We help where people need practical support, seeking to build a better future together with them. In an area of conflict between Judaism, Christianity and Islam we stand for understanding, reconciliation, and peace.



Over 20 facilities, initiatives and projects are supported continuously. Thereby, social, educative, and pastoral projects are the main emphasis of our work. Schools, preschools, universities and hospices, as well as parishes, receive financial and personnel help.  In addition, we maintain our own facilities, as the Schmidt-Schule in East Jerusalem, Beit-Emmaus, a retirement and nursing home in the West Bank, and the Dormition Abbey on Mt. Zion, including the monastery Tabgha at the Sea of Galilee. Furthermore we own two guest houses: the Paulus-Haus in Jerusalem and the pilgrim house at the Sea of Galilee.

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Priorat Tabgha, DVHL

Messe am Freiluftaltar Dalmanuta am See Gennesaret.